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The Great Roast Potato Debate

Roast Potato Debate

Over the past few months I have been goaded into many conversations about ‘what makes the perfect roast potato’ and in my search for the answer, I have eaten almost my own body weight in spuds but have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Whenever I go out to eat a Sunday Roast, I really do base my opinion on the restaurant on they way they serve their roast potatoes. It’s so disappointing when they come out without being crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle! Even worse if the roast potato looks more like a plain old boiled potato with no hint of crispness around the edges. So what is it about roast potatoes that creates such a discussion?

Are they best peeled or unpeeled? Olive oil or goose fat? Semolina or salt? Garlic and herbs? Which are the best potatoes to use?

There’s no denying that there are many ways to enjoy the good old roast potato, but here is my personal favourite, and probably the most simple! I usually opt for Maris Piper potatoes, purely because they are easily available and have a gorgeous flavour…

  • Par boil the potatoes and drain well
  • Put a lid on the pan and literally ‘bash’ them about a bit so the side break slightly
  • Make sure your oil, (whichever is your own preference – I use rapeseed oil mainly) is really hot
  • Chuck in the potatoes and sprinkle over rock salt

I don’t open the oven for 35 minutes, then I take them out, toss them around in the baking tray and put back in for about another 35 minutes or until they look something like the picture above. Simple, no poncy stuff yet truly delicious!

Want to share your favourite recipe for roast potatoes? Drop me an email to hello@comedycook.co.uk

Did you know that roast potatoes are for any day of the week, and not just on a Sunday!

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