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There’s a lot of humour in Business which is why I am thrilled to be hosting the 5th Kent Women in Business Awards #KWIBA2017 and this will be my first year without the title Editor of the Kent Women in Business Magazine. Being the Comedy Cook presents two potential issues, first, I need to be funny and second, I need to be able to cook! I promise there won’t be food on the stage and the glamourous event won’t turn into a food fight but I can guarantee there will be HUMOUR!

Hilary Steel KWIBA Host

Hilary Steel Kent Women in Business Awards

People are coming from all over Kent to celebrate successes of women at all stages of their business or careers, the hard work has been done and it’s time to sit back, relax and be entertained as this is more than just an awards ceremony, it’s a PARTY! The light hearted tone of the evening does not, by any means detract from such corporate accolades, but it does bring over 200 people together in an atmosphere that’s fun, inviting and above all, a giggle. Who doesn’t like to laugh? (Apart from the grumpy man who tried to heckle a couple of years ago and then wrote a grovelling apology for his unsporting behaviour!)

Kent Women in Business Awards 2015

As I am preparing my scripts for the evening I cannot help but look back on previous years as the Kent Women in Business Awards Host. The one that sticks with me the most is when I dabbled into the world of magic and performed such death defying feats such as sword swallowing and turning a flame into a rose. Oh how the audience laughed….AT ME! Well, my damaged throat has well and truly recovered and I am well and truly ready to host what is for me, one of the most amazing events in the business calendar.


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