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The night before I made my Stand Up Comedy debut I went to a show in Maidstone. Impressed to see a female comedian there, I asked her; “What advice would you give to me making my debut tomorrow night?” Her response…”Go on a course…”! Unfortunately there wasn’t time in the 22 hours that remained between that conversation and me being introduced as ‘The Comedy Cook’ at The Powder and Magazine Restaurant in Lower Upnor.

The event was hosted by Funny Women which is the UK’s leading female comedy community founded by Lynne Parker back in 2002. Jump forward to 2017 and Lynne offered me the chance to appear in an ‘open slot’ sandwiched between some really amazingly talented women. I like a challenge, and as this is something I have wanted to do for a while, I set to work on my ‘set’ and my ‘character’ – neither of which really came out on the night!

As I stood on the stage, I was too scared to even pick up the microphone in case I dropped it, I didn’t trust my stability! As I asked the audience if there were any virgins in the room and then went on to explain that I was sharing my ‘stand up virginity’ with them I realised that it was OK to BREATHE!

The welcoming applause was encouraging and the next eight minutes of hell passed quicker that I imagined. Having now taken this leap I can honestly say, that what I learned in that eight minutes was one of the BEST lessons EVER. The fact that many of my ‘gags’ were already used up in the opening meant I had to think on my feet and come up with some other stuff…Sometimes you have to throw yourself into something to understand whether it’s right for you. People talk about stepping outside your comfort zone and this evening was a testament to just how different the world can look when you do just that.

Kelly Convey, Fiona Ridgewell, Suzy Bennett, Rosie Wilby, Harriet Braine, Chelsea Hart, Hilary Steel

I apologise in advance, but this is only the beginning of my stand up career, I have a lot of work to do if I am to get to anywhere near the standard of the ladies to the right. So if you see me talking to myself in a shop window in town, don’t throw money at me…Just crack at least a smile!


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