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Where cooking and comedy collide! I am an energetic home cook who looks after two elderly parents, who also live with me. As I seem to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing fresh meals it seemed a good idea to have some fun with it. Food is fun and creating decent dishes doesn’t have to be complicated. I will bring you ‘the good, the bad and the burnt’ of proper home cooking with recipe ideas that will have you behaving like a celebrity chef in your own kitchen. I like experimenting with ingredients, adding a modern twist to some old favourites as well as, by fluke, creating some originals that are easy to reproduce.

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The Great Potato Book ‘modernised’

Oh how different things were back in the 80’s in the world of cookbooks. Not only were the ingredients that were readily available much less than today but the style of cooking was totally different. One thing that stays the same is the love of the good old potato. The original ‘Great Potato Cookbook’ written by my Mum, Jennifer Steel, published by Search Press in Tunbridge Wells has so many recipes that, in my opinion, if they are given a cheeky, modern twist will have a whole new life.

This book is for lovers of good food, who aren’t afraid to try new things and who want simple instruction in how to do so! Of course, there are some timeless classics in there that just have to stay the same.

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Looking after my parents, who have very different 'tastes' to mine when it comes to food makes for a challenge at meal times. I am adamant that they will have freshly prepared food most of the time and by planning in advance I seem to not only save money, but manage to offer diverse menus that can be adapted for our different tastes. I take some of these recipes and demonstrate them at Farmer's Markets in Kent, just to show in real time how simple this kind of home cooking can be.

It's been a great experience exploring cookery books dating back to the beginning of the last century and adapting some old fashioned recipes and bringing them into the 21st Century. So many simple cooking methods are in danger of becoming obsolete and the challenge is to simplify them to today’s audience.

Spud, my ‘wingman’ Yorkshire Terrier/Chihuahua cross breed is a big part of my life. He guards me from the kitchen door while I am cooking and comes with me to markets and events where he can.