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It’s official, I have turned in to the gadget queen of the kitchen. Mainly thanks to all the Amazon vouchers I received for Christmas. A friend referred to me as a ‘food w****r’ the other day…that’s just jealousy as I have transformed the way I cook at home!

I cook on a daily basis for four adults with varying tastes in food. The washing up after I had finished used to be a HUGE task, not any more….I am lazy so having discovered how to spend less time in the kitchen yet still be able to produce gorgeous, fresh and nutritious meals leaves me feeling a little smug!

Let me introduce you to my three main gadget additions;

1. Sous Vide Wand

This was a cheeky little purchase from Aldi. It’s a method to precisely cook food at the most optimum temperature, meaning that you can’t botch up results. Sous Vide literally means ‘under vacuum’ and refers to the fact that food is sealed in vacuum bags before being immersed in a water bath. The wand regulates the temperature for a set amount of time. Steak is a popular meat to be prepared this way and it is finished off by being seared for about 90 seconds on each side in a really hot skillet, (it makes the kitchen smokey so don’t do what I did the first time and forget to have the extractor fan on!) This gives it a gorgeous crispy outside while the inside remains as you intend….medium, rare….and it can also make a well done steak as tender as can be!

You can even make the most perfect poached eggs, (no you don’t need to vacuum seal them as their little shells are already sealing the goodness)

2. Hallogen Oven and Air Fryer

This gadget is fantastic as it speeds up cooking time, (the opposite of the sous vide method) but also means you can fry food without it being caked in FAT! A whole chicken can be roasted in this machine in about an hour complete with crispy skin!

3. Electric Pressure Cooker

I joined the cult of people raving about this type of pressure cooker. The brand here is Pressure King Pro but there are many others on the market. The principle is the same, to reduce the cooking time and be able to cook a wide range of food without having to slave over a hot stove!) A whole chicken can be cooked in this in about 30 minutes. I tried it, it was lovely but not the same as being roasted. A few other things I have made, all under 30 minutes, (after the machine has reached pressure) are; Beef Bougingnon, (25 mins), Soups, (25 mins) Brown Rice, (15 mins and cooked perfectly) Curries, Stews and Stock.

Over the coming months I will be sharing my own triumphs and failures with what I am calling combination cooking. it takes a little time to get your head around the different methods, but once you do…….it’s easy to become addicted!


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