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The potato queen, AKA ME, had a bit of a craving for carbs after too much socialising with friends. What I really wanted, fancied or craved was roast potatoes but I didn’t really have the desire to peel, par boil and then have to wait for them to roast on top of that. In the corner shop, right by the till is the freezer. I spotted the McCain Roast Potatoes out the corner of my eye so decided to give them a go..especially as they were proud of the fact that came from the finest British potatoes.

Just to clarify, I am not against convenient food, it’s just that I had never, EVER tried these type of potatoes at home. In the oven they went and in the shower I went. (A little too much information perhaps…). The only took about 40 minutes to cook although I did steal a couple of potatoes while they were roasting. I am a little impatient when it comes to roast potatoes and always have to cook extra to keep me happy while cooking.

I quickly made a garlic mayo to have with the roast potatoes as it was the middle of a warm, sunny day and it didn’t seem right to defrost a bag of beef stock and  make some mouth watering gravy…hmmmm maybe I should have done that any way..? The picture with the apples in it are what was left of the roast potatoes after we had scoffed the crispiest ones. I was soooo hungry I forgot to take a picture. Now this picture serves as a reminder that I have to make something with the apples that are now coming off the two trees in my garden.

Would I use these potatoes again? Yes, maybe, in an emergency but I quite often par boils extra potatoes when making a roast dinner, coat them in flour and freeze them when they are cool. It’s like having an emergency stash to hand that also comes in handy when I need to prepare a meal without being able to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There was something nice about not having made them myself and it felt like I was being naughty, but when there’s a need for roast potatoes…needs must!



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